About Me

Know the story of introvert girl changed as a freelancer

Hello wonderful people

My name is Mercy Mathews. I am a Dentist by profession, a writer by passion, a solo traveller and a budding entrepreneur.

I am practising dentistry in a private dental clinic and a freelance content writer. I have written numerous blogs until now. And for a few websites like Henry Harvin, wizdomwords and so on.

In this blog, we will be talking about Life, Relationships, Career, Finance, Education, Books, Medicine, Travel, Reviews and more.

My motto is to bring healthy, Productive and Positive life for you guys.

If you have read so long and wish to know about me and my writing journey. Here it is.

I am an Introvert single child to my working parents, My pink Diary and my books were my best friends since my childhood. For me, reading is like breathing in and writing is like breathing out.

In college days I felt that I am not worthy enough for anything [I don’t know why I thought so] and that’s when I started Solo travelling, took 8 months break from my college[Entered internship and then took a break].

These 8 months changed my life, It taught me that I have to stand for myself, Learnt about saving money, Became a minimalist, most of all I understood that we can live without any gadgets. And I found the world was not as cruel as I thought there are a lot of good people out there.

One day when I was travelling from Chennai to Delhi, I met a person[was from the United States] He told me about freelancing and content writing, I researched about content writing for the whole night and started the next day. Got my first client on the very first day who paid 100rs/1000words. I took a mentorship course where she taught me the strategies to get high paying clients.

After 4 months of hard works in freelancing [worked 15hours a day], Reached my goal of earning 1Lakh rupees/ Month, That day I can never forget in my whole life, I was happy that I achieved my Goal.

       “If I can do, Anyone can do it” [If you wish you can book my mentorship call]

For me, anything is possible with these 3 things they are,